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A Nature’s sweet child born in the mind of The Great Germen Physician Samual Fredrich Hahneman who was in the pain out of medical procedure practiced at that time (even now a day also ) . One can perceive Homeopathy as a highly evolved system of medicine of last century dealing with our spiritual to physical being. Like old testimonies of our spiritual literature Homeopathy is also incomprehensible to the common people because of its formation and application is not explainable by laws of Newtonian Physics but it is understandable by Quantum means only.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that bases its treatment on the individual’s health status. It is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’. To treat the patient as a whole rather than focusing on on a diseased part or a labeled sickness Homeopathic treatment takes into consideration physical health and lifestyle as well as emotional and mental well-being. Homeopathy uses micro-doses of natural substances , which helps stimulate and strengthen the body’s natural defensive and healing capability. Homeopathy in short: Treat the patient as an individual and not just their disease.

Homeopathy is the first system of medicine to offer personalized care (holistic approach). By treating the individual and not merely the disease, one may receive the best care to help restore health and wellness. An individualized approach recognizes everyone’s uniqueness, especially when it comes to health and disease because we react differently with same stimuli even . Physical issues, emotions, and the environment are constantly influence our health. Added factors such as age, gender, ethnic background, past medical history and current health status can determine how different we are even in same human race. It is a kind of understanding Genetics ruled by our Epigenatics phenomenon in every individual being. Clinical homeopathy integrates all the science we acknowledge till date to ensure the best outcome for the individual health benefits. In simple words – Homepathy understands yours world from a spiritual being to a beautiful physical being.

Homeopathy recognizes that the mind and body are interacting constantly.

For Example ; when we fright from any reason, what happen ? Our mind frights or our body or both. With fear our heart rate, Respiration fastens, we perspire, some time loss control over the urine and stool even. Similarly our each thought is constantly relaying on our physical being. With life sustain individual behaviours we are interacting with environment. Ours this interaction is depending upon our awareness as a life.

So like fear, every emotion had its positive and negative effect – if we are fearing when there is no need to fear, anger when there is no need to be angry, grieved when there is no need to grieved – will make us suffer and produce physical illness as we are now become unaware of ours these automative behaviours.

In Homeopathy we understand lifes constant dance with its environment even in its ancestral roots and use our admirable remedies to neutralise negative effects upon it. So our individualized approach strengthens an individual’s health and healing by providing flexibility in treating all kind of acute and chronic ailments successfully.

Homeopathy can treat a wide array of health concerns in acute as well chronic including almost all kind of Physical and Psychological disorders , Cerebral palsy , Mental retardation , Autism , almost all Physical health women’s health, children’s health (pediatric), skin ailments (dermatology),are few names. Homepathy can make a child learn, develop his under development, make a unconscious – conscious from our physical reality to highly spiritual being and participate natures phenomenon of higher evolution “nurture nature”.


Ekjot Homeopathic Clinic is a globally renowned homeopathic clinic. The name Ekjot represent the one Divine Light that prevail in all over the universe and manifest healing. This light of healing cures the sick man in the form of sweet homeopathic pills in the premises of Ekjot Homeo Clinic

Patients from different countries get benefits from last 20 yrs. many diseases like cancers, PCOD, skin diseases, juvenile diabetes, fibroids, rheumatic arthritis, mental diseases, special children, AUTISM, cerebral palsy, pregnancy disorders and many more are treating successfully. This is a homeopathic clinic that is dealing with so called incurable untouchable cases

The clinic was established on 2nd april 2000. From that day it is growing in the service of sick humanity. Many budding doctors got practical trainings here and are having well settled clinics. A daily morning class is conducting by Dr didar singh the owner of clinic to improve the knowledge of assistant doctors. Discussions and classes are running in the premises of clinic.

The highest ideal of therapy is to restore health rapidly, gently, permanently to remove and destroy the whole disease in the shortest, surest, least harmful way. Ekjot Home Clinic is the example of such type of cures


  • Homeopathy can treat any health challenge when applied according to principles laid in Organon of medicine. Few we can name - but need individual study.
  • Mental health; Mental and emotional diseases Insanity, mania, depressions, behavioural disorders .
  • Padratics health . ; acute and chronic problems of new borns and young children .Allergic issues, Learning and schooling issues
  • Autism , mutism , Cerebral palsy
  • Women Health ; Mensural problems, PCOD, Bladder infections, Fertility, Menopause, PID, Endometriosis, Ovarian cysts, many more concerned issues.
  • Dermatology ; ; Allergic diseases like dermatitis, fungal diseases, psoriasis, eczemas, lichen, leprosy etc
  • Immune system disorders ; Auto immune diseases like SLE, Autoimmune thyroiditis, ectopic dermatitis, Rheumatoid disorders ,etc.
  • Digestive system ; Food sensitivities, IBS, Gastic ulcers, Dudenal ulcers, ulcerative colitis, Liver disease
  • Respiratory disorders ; Rhinitis, Asthma, aspiroglosis etc.
  • Ear , nose , throat - all kind disodres.


DR DIDAR SINGH and DR DEEPJOT KAUR are the brain and strength of the Ekjot Home Clinic. They worked hard day and night very efficiently and conscientiously. They both are fully dedicated to their work and their patients. They are known as renowned for there visionary way of thinking and applying homeopathy. They are the well known international doctors, lecturers and educators who have been treated thousands of patients from last 20 yrs. They are driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential to heal and these sweet homeopathic pills carry that potential in the form of homeopathic medicine and initiate the process of healing. In their easy-to-understand, encouraging and compassionate style, they educate thousands of doctors and patients detailing how the disease manifested in the body and how they can set up the healing process. As a researcher, they found the new way of prescribing the medicine, under the guidance of homeopathic principle, by getting the latest findings from the field of Neuroscience, Epigenetics and Quantum Physics. They using that knowledge to help people to heal themselves of illness, chronic conditions and even terminal diseases so that enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life, as well as evolve their consciousness Dr Didar Singh and Dr Deepjot Kaur are also the founder members of Pecific Research Academy of Classical Homeopathy ( PREACH). Under the banner of PREACH they conduct seminars and classes in different states and cities to teach the following doctors. They show cured cases and give teachings to prescribe medicine by using homeopathic knowledge and modern sciences. Also free camps for special children’s are doing miraculous work with our dedicated team of doctors since last 10 years.


We’re Setting the New
Standards in Medical Sector


we treat our patients by thoroughly examining his pathologies by using advance tests and advance techniques


we break the myths of slow curing process and show our fastest results in even advance pathologies


we have wonderful results in all acute and chronic and advance cases and a good satisfying cure rates

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